One Planet Summit delivers initiatives to save Paris Accord




On the occasion of the One Planet Summit, numerous protagonists announced initiatives in favor of the climate, in the wake of Emmanuel Macron’s call for general mobilization.


Without Donald Trump, the Americans are moving on anyway

Be it from the mouth of Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City, or that of John Kerry, former US secretary of State, or Arnold Schwartzenegger, former governor of California, the message was clear: the United States will fulfill its commitments despite Donald Trump’s decision to leave the Paris climate agreement. “Donald Trump has managed to unite against him all those who have realized that it is necessary to act. No CEO can afford ignoring climate change,” stressed Michael Bloomberg. The American mogul thus underscored the progress made in the US without the support of the federal government, in cities, States (38 have already made the pledge), and by companies. “Our Coalition (editor’s note: America’s Pledge) accounts for half of the American economy”. “We cannot wait for the White House to wake up,” added California Governor Jerry Brown, currently faced with great fires after years of drought. To them, there is no doubt: the United States will fulfill its commitment to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 26%.