Design for Humanity Summit

Registration deadline: 21 Jun 2018  Training date: 22 Jun 2018 More Information

The Design for Humanity Summit, hosted by the Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs and the UN Migration Agency, will explore the intersection of design and humanitarian action for dignified crisis response.

Prominent humanitarian and design professionals will discuss current best practices and generate human-centered design strategies that address contemporary humanitarian challenges. Through cross-collaboration of both sectors, this initiative aims to drive humanitarian response in a more dignified, inclusive, and sustainable direction.

Topics to be explored during the Summit will include:

  • Public interest design and design thinking for inclusive humanitarian response
  • Transformation of camps into sustainable cities and communities of resilience for host and displaced communities
  • The nexus of private sector and innovation in humanitarian response
  • Art, architecture, and design for human rights advocacy
  • Design for protection of at-risk populations in humanitarian crisis
  • Sustainable design to mitigate the effects of acute and protracted urban crises
  • Innovative prototypes of new humanitarian design trends

Through bridging their areas of expertise, both humanitarian and design professionals can more effectively design dignified and durable solutions that tackle today’s most pressing humanitarian challenges. Whether ensuring more dignified shelters and settlements for displaced persons, designing more inclusive and resilient urban ecosystems or employing art and design as a vehicle for advocacy – the possible synergies between design and humanitarian action are endless.

The Design for Humanity Summit is made possible with the support of the Permanent Mission of Ireland to the United Nations, the Center for International Humanitarian Cooperation and Fordham University. Community partners include ART WORKS Projects for Human Rights, InterAction and the American Society of Interior Designers.

Fee information:

Ticket prices are $35 general admission or free to Fordham University students, faculty, and staff with a valid Fordham ID.