Top 5 social innovation blogs

Adapted from Post by Rise Africa Rise.

In today’s technology driven world change happens at breathtaking speed. This means that as a social innovator and entrepreneur you need to keep up to date constantly about developments relating to policies, the eco-systems, changing consumer trends and possible funding opportunities. One of the best ways to be in the know is by following blogs on social innovation and business. Here is a list of our favourites:

1) Echoing Green

Echoing Green

Echoing Green is one of the most valuable and prestigious fellowships you can win as a social innovator. New articles appear 1-2 a week and cover topics and issues that concerns Echoing Green fellows. It also gives insights on the development of the social innovation ecosystem and what challenges lay ahead. A very valuable blog.

Favourite article:Africa’s next generation social entrepreneurs are ready. Are we?

2) Skoll World Forum

Skoll World Forum

The Skoll World Forum is similar to the annual World Economic Forum in Davos but with a focus on social entrepreneurship and innovation. The blog features written and video content from a variety of experts and leading figures in their respective fields. It is very insightful and offers high quality content.

Favourite article: How can we know which companies are serious about sustainability?

3) Bill & Melinda Gate foundation – impatient optimists

Impatient Optimiss

Impatient optimists is the blog by one of the biggest foundations globally. It mainly focuses on the foundations area of interest such as Health (HIV, Malaria etc.), Education and Poverty. The blog also covers the following African countries: Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Ethiopia and Kenya.

Favourite article: Five Ways Africa is taking the world by storm

4) The unreasonable institute

unreasonable institute

The blog is dedicated to content that examines invaluable advice, perspectives, stories, failures, and practical wisdom from some of the greatest thinkers, doers, and investors of our time. Here, you will learn about the nitty-gritty of how to start, scale-up, and re-define business and entrepreneurship in a rapidly changing world.

Favourite article: the key to preventing burnout – from a serial entrepreneur

5) Stanford Social Innovation Review

Stanford Social Innovation Review

This is a more academic blog and to access the majority of articles you need to get a paid subscription. There is great content and valuable information on social innovation. The focus is very broad and not necessarily Africa though.

Favourite article: Five innovations that will electrify Africa

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