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Shared by Carey Weiss on March 8, 2017.

Mar-17 RISE Newsletter – The Intro Edition

Hi, and welcome to the very first edition of the monthly RISE newsletter. I’m Ross Garlick (GSB ’15) and on behalf of the RISE Leadership Committee* let me say how excited we are to bring together young Fordham Alumni interested in learning and engaging with sustainability and social impact issues via events, lectures and tangible projects.

Each month this newsletter will contain 5 sections: some food for thought from myself or the guest editor of the month, a spotlight on the work that RISE or other Fordham alums are doing, a book of the month (with an invite to meet up and discuss), 2 or 3 key events we think you might be interested in, and a list of links that will hopefully pique your interest or inspire action. No spotlight or book for the first month – more to look forward to in the next newsletter!

Here’s the sign-up link to this newsletter – please send to other Rams who may be interested. This intro was longer than I’d hoped, so onto business…

By virtue of being a subscriber to this newsletter, it’s clear to me that we all share not only an alma mater, but also a desire to push beyond the daily grind in an effort to enact social change, to strive for a sustainable lifestyle, to (dare I say it) go set the world on fire.

Regardless of your political beliefs, there’s no doubt that 2017 will be a year for action. That’s partly what this whole group is about – recognizing that through organization, engagement and self-empowerment, we can achieve more as a collective than on our own.

This column will hopefully be an ongoing dialogue between myself, the guest editors we hope to bring on board, and you. I expect that much of what I discuss month by month will be driven by conversations I have with some of you.

This month I’ll just kick it off by asking a personal question: do you actively spend time on personal reflection? This is not a rhetorical question – I’m genuinely interested and would love to hear your responses. I have found that life in the “real world” can be so draining on a day to day basis that netflix and brunch – activities that don’t require too much brain power – become prioritized over deep thinking. The value of boredom (the ability to let your mind wander and your imagination run free) is diminished in a world with a million distractions.

I know I personally struggle with this – writing has always been my best form of reflection and the lower output of blog posts since graduation is directly tied with a sense of stunted personal development. So how do you reflect? Do you discuss meaningful and substantive topics with colleagues, friends and family? Have you found any hacks or formed simple habits that have helped to prioritize your mindfulness over other distractions? Let us know by replying to this email!

*Who is the “RISE Leadership Committee”? RISE was brought into existence by recent Fordham Alums as a way to engage in real social impact work in their professional and personal lives. No real “Leadership Committee” as of today – just a bunch of people who want to step up. Get in touch if you want to help us make RISE a legit group that gets shit done, and keep an eye out for the “April” newsletter that will dig into the Design Your Life theme 

(More to come in next month’s newsletter)
On to the Events…

Voices From Inside America’s Mass System of Punishment (Columbia University, Tues March 7th) – super interesting event up in Morningside: Reverend Vivian Nixon will discuss the historic complexities of America’s systems of punishment and its links to race, class, gender, political suppression, and religion. She will then explore how access to higher education can not only deter crime and have rehabilitative impact, but also spark the kind of political and social awareness that leads to true freedom.

Migration and Women’s Rights: Employment Challenges, Empowerment and Best Practices (Fordham Law School, Sat March 18th) – a pertinent event addressing challenges and innovations that address access to employment for women migrants; entrepreneurship among women refugees; the use of microfinance and alternative economic development tools; as well as challenges and innovations aimed at combatting women’s trafficking. Keynote speaker: Dr. Katherine Libal, Associate Director of the Human Rights Institute at the University of Connecticut

People’s Climate Movement (Washington DC, Sat Apr 29th) – putting this on everyone’s radar early. Currently there is no equivalent march planned in NYC so lets get down to DC and march for the Paris Agreement and for the rights of people affected by climate change (essentially everyone – we’re all in this mess together).

And Finally…

  1. Why Some Protests Succeed While Others Fail [NYMagazine]
  2. Burlington, VT: America’s first all-renewable city [Politico]
  3. Are Professional Ethicists Good People? Not especially. So why learn ethics? [Aeon]
  4. Fordham Stands by ‘Students for Justice in Palestine’ Veto Amid Criticism [Fordham Observer]
  5. NYTimes finds groups and organitzations making positive change in innovative ways around the world [NYTImes]

Thanks for reading – please forward to other Rams you think would be interested. Get in touch by replying to this email or contacting us at rise@fordham.edu. See you next month!