St. Rose’s Farmers’ Market Launches with Social Innovation Collaboratory Funding

By Olivia Greenspan (FCRH’19), Social Innovation Collaboratory Research Associate.

This past spring, Fordham’s St. Rose’s Garden won 1st prize in the Social Innovation Collaboratory’s yearly Changemaker Challenge. The Changemaker Challenge motivates Fordham students to come up with social innovations: novel, scalable solutions to systemic social, economic, and environmental problems. Social innovations focus on the ideas and solutions that create social value.

In response to this challenge, St. Rose’s Garden (of which I am co-manager) submitted a proposal to purchase two extra Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares from Norwich Meadows Farm for a weekly farmers market at Fordham. This produce is supplemented by produce grown at St. Rose’s, right on Fordham’s campus.

The first Fordham Farmers’ Market launched on Thursday, September 22nd, from 6 – 8 pm outside of McGinley Center. The Farmers’ Market will take place every Thursday at this time and location. All produce is priced in the $1-2 range, making it an extremely affordable option for students who want local and organic produce but simply cannot bear the expense of high-end supermarkets. All proceeds are donated to GO! Teams, which rotate on a weekly basis.

Through this market, we expect to accomplish three main goals. First, we want to provide inexpensive, healthy, organic produce to Fordham students who either (a) are unsatisfied with their meal plans or (b) struggle to find fresh produce at an affordable price. Secondly, we aim to educate Fordham students about the social, environmental, and healthful benefits of organic and locally sourced fruits and vegetables. Third, we hope to introduce more students to St. Rose’s–Fordham’s “best-kept secret!”

We hope to see you this Thursday!

Feel free to check out St. Rose’s on their Facebook page to learn more about their weekly meetings and community events: