Plant-based vegan baked goods by Fordham alums hit a sweet spot at Fordham University

From    College campuses are a natural market for plant-based foods since the young generation is leading the charge for products that are more sustainable and healthy.

That’s why Spanky’s Kitchen vegan baked goods, now available at Fordham University, are enjoying great success.

Owners Jim Manousos and Patricia Manousos Tedesco are both Fordham alums. Patricia is married to Spanky’s Executive Chef Steven Tedesco. Recognizing the market potential of the plant-based vegan market, they developed plans to start a vegan baked goods business. They named the company “Spanky’s Kitchen” which was Chef Steven’s nickname as a youngster growing up in the Bronx.

“Chef Steven is very creative, and he developed all our recipes that taste delicious and are vegan as well,” said Maureen Manousos, Spanky’s Kitchen president. “Steven recognized that many vegans in the city would be eager for a dessert option that tasted great, as this was an underserved market.”

Before launching the company, Steven spent almost a year developing and tweaking his dessert recipes, sourcing the best ingredients and perfecting his brownies, blondies, and cookies.

“Our business relationship with Fordham began in October 2014 when we met Mr. Jeff Perry, Fordham Sodexo Chef, now a regional chef, who graciously agreed to meet with two Fordham alums with a new product line,” said Manousos.  “Jim, Patricia, and Chef Steven met with Mr. Perry and discussed ways in which Spanky’s Kitchen could potentially augment the dessert line at Rose Hill and Lincoln Center. We owe a tremendous debt of thanks to Mr. Perry for his willingness to meet two Fordham alums with a new company and a new idea.”

According to Manousos, when students first taste Spanky’s Kitchen baked goods, they recognize that plant-based vegan food can taste great.

“We met with many students on both campuses when the products were launched in September at product demos,” said Manousos. “The reception to our desserts was overwhelmingly positive which was very exciting for us to see.”

Spanky’s Kitchen is currently available at Fordham University, Villanova University, and Haverford College with plans to expand to many more campuses in 2016.

“Our business plan calls for steady growth within the plant-based vegan food market,” said Manousos. “There is tremendous demand for plant-based foods, and this market is expected to grow exponentially in the future. Spanky’s Kitchen is poised to help fill that demand with our line of great tasting products.

Manousos said the goal is to develop and market plant-based foods that taste great and have mass appeal.

“Plant-based foods are the future due to critical sustainability and health reasons,” she said. “We plan to help spearhead that change with an ever expanding line of delicious plant-based food offerings.”