Now Open: Social Innovation Labs

By Max Lynch (Gabelli Business School Class of 2019), Fordham Social Innovation Collaboratory Associate.

The Fordham Social Innovation Collaboratory now has two new work spaces. One is at the Rose Hill Campus on the second floor of Hughes Hall, room 207. The other is at the Lincoln Center Campus in the brand new Gabelli School of Business building. The Lincoln Center Social Innovation Lab is located at 140 W 62nd Street, room 216.


The addition of these spaces could not have come at a better time. As the Social Innovation Collaboratory workload and team grows at unbelievable rates, having a place to convene and work together with others is a huge asset. Additionally, people who do not know much about social innovation but are looking to get involved now have a physical space to approach. When this happens, we at the Social Innovation Collaboratory are welcoming people with open arms (especially 9am-6pm on Wednesdays).


On a personal note, my brief two weeks of work in the Rose Hill Social Innovation Lab have been phenomenal. Last week the space for me was a place to get rolling with social innovation work. I was able to have a productive Skype meeting with graduate students at Lincoln Center, and held an influential meeting with motivated Freshmen that are already looking to get involved. Today in the space I was able to hold a meeting with 10 other Social Innovation Collaboratory staff members where we workshopped our individual projects and received expert direction from Executive in Residence Brent Martini and Sustainability Initiatives Director Carey Weiss. I got to the Rose Hill Social Innovation Lab today at 9am, and now as I am writing this blog it is 9pm. This space has given me a motivating environment to work in, that I am not going to leave until I get kicked out.


What I am really excited for is the redesign of the Social Innovation Labs. The Social Innovation Collaboratory’s Marketing Associate Emily Mills is currently working hard on enhancing the spirit of creativity and social innovation in the spaces. From what I have heard, whiteboards, new furniture, and even a vertical plant wall will be coming soon!


Last year we ended with about 100 students involved in the Social Innovation Collaboratory and no work space. This year we are starting with 18 student leaders and are expecting to surpass last year’s 100 students in no-time. The Social Innovation Labs come at a time of extreme need, and we are very grateful. One person that deserves great thanks is Brent Martini, for his unwavering support of social innovation efforts at Fordham and for the spaces that we are working in today.


Stay tuned to the Social Innovation Newsletter to see what new and exciting events and activities are going on in the Social Innovation Labs.