Fordham Changemakers Meet and Exchange Ideas

posted by Brendan Dagher

Fordham University students gathered at the 2015-2016 Entrepreneurship Kick-Off on September 15th to exchange ideas, meet fellow changemakers, and learn about the various ways to get involved with social innovation and entrepreneurship at Fordham. The Fordham Entrepreneurship Society, a student club dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship, hosted the event at the Fordham Foundry, which serves as the University’s incubator for small businesses.

Students arrived to a buzzing crowd of about sixty people, including several members of the faculty and staff, who were all eager to build out the network of changemakers at Fordham. People exchanged business cards and had conversations about their latest business ideas while enjoying pizza and refreshments. After several minutes of socializing, The Entrepreneurship Society invited speakers from the University’s many innovative and socially-minded clubs and organizations.

The Fordham Foundry extended a warm welcome to students to come and use their space to collaborate about new business ventures and receive mentoring in the entrepreneurship field. The Entrepreneurship Society also invited students to join their various brainstorming sessions, speaker events, and networking events. Speakers from The Concourse Group, a nonprofit micro-finance organization, spoke about their initiative to accelerate entrepreneurship in low-income communities. Also present was Radiate, a student-run business that works to empower artists in developing regions around the world. Other speakers included members from the Catholic Interscholastic Business Challenge, Fair Trade, the Management Society, Digital Business Society, Compass Fellowship, and the Fordham Social Innovation Collaboratory.

After the speakers, the conversations continued and many excited attendees signed up to be a part of the various groups present. The night proved to be an inspiring testament to the enthusiasm for social innovation and entrepreneurship at Fordham.