Changemaker Showcase: Carey Weiss

By Randy Mueller(GSB ‘20), Fordham Social Innovation Collaboratory Editorial Team.

Carey Weiss came to Fordham in 2008, for the Ethics Education program and soon transitioned to the Gabelli School of Business where she worked with the Dean and faculty to drive forward the message of sustainable business and social innovation creating positive social change. Growing up in a religiously and ethnically diverse family, Carey cultivated a self-described “collaborative worldview” through her experiences in overcoming language and cultural barriers between her grandparents and extended family members on different sides. She found her calling in environmental studies as an undergraduate and went on to build her own environmental management consulting firm. Now, as the Director of Sustainability Initiatives in Fordham’s Social Innovation Collaboratory, Carey takes immense pride in learning from the ideas, thoughts, and experiences of students while creating a unique pathway for each one to pursue their passions. Her ongoing goal involves extending the reach of the Collaboratory so that she may work closely with more students to continue empowering their socially-conscious visions. Carey applauds the inherent entrepreneurial spirit and change-making mindsets and capacities of the Fordham community.