bioFASHIONtech LAB @Stamford Town Center Grand Opening


TILL Newsletter No. 2 – April 29, 2019.

bFt LAB, Connecticut’s first — and only — ecological fashion incubator, opens this week at Stamford Town Center.

We are commissioning four young designers, each recent graduates of The School of Fashion, Parsons/The New School, NYC, to develop capsule collections on site for debut in our inaugural bioFASHIONtech Summit at The Avon Theatre in Stamford on June 24, 2019.

bFt LAB @Stamford Town Center is a vision of the future in action.

New technologies. 

New materials. 

New places of design and production,

where young people make new garments meant to last.


Jacob Olmedo Studio

The Jacob Olmedo capsule collection is a series of unique garments developed using hydroponic textile-making techniques, showcasing a new idea of wearable fashion. At its core, the collection is a collaboration with the community as the textiles for each garment are designed and hand-made adapting crafts of spinning, knitting, tufting, and felting.

Gal Yakobovitch Studio

Biomaker Gal Yakobovitch‘s bFt capsule collection CT DAIRY is a biodegradable leisure-workwear collection made in collaboration with Shaggy Coos Farm, in Easton, Connecticut. Gal pioneers a rubber-like waterproof biodegradable coating adapting 18th-century chemistry and Shaggy Coos Farm milk. CT Dairy showcases the potential for innovative, collaborative work between the dairy and fashion industries made possible through bio-material practices.

Deng-Vân Studio

Left: Yimin Deng; right: Vân Anh 

Deng-Vân Studio is a community fashion-making project. What is one garment you would like to buy? With the assistance of sustainable fashion designers Yimin DengVân Anh, and their friends, you can make it yourself in the most sustainable ways possible. The project begins with a little Marie Kondo of your closet: donations of your unwanted clothes along with those of others serve as our base textile supply. Deng-Vân Studio hosts weekend workshops introducing new skills and crafts to the community.

bioFASHIONtech Lab @Stamford Town Center: E219, Level 5

Rendering: Yimin Deng

NEXT WEEK: We introduce our schedule of weekly bFt LAB workshops and events, including Evenings with Artists and Inside Out, featuring industry professionals offering their take on the fashion future.  

For more information, please contact Tessa Beltrano, Summit Manager: