Apply Now for New Sophomore Social Innovation Cohorts at Fordham’s Gabelli School of Business


In the upcoming Fall 2016 semester, Gabelli students entering their sophomore year will have a unique and exciting opportunity to be a part of the new Fordham Social Innovation Cohorts. In past years the cohort system has allowed students in the Gabelli School of Business to learn the importance of teamwork and collaboration in the business world. This new cohort option will provide the same experience but through the lens of social innovation.

Students will take the same five courses required under the Gabelli common core and study businesses which take on a sustainable and socially innovative approach. Sophomores in the Social Innovation Cohorts will work with professors and business leaders who are passionate and intelligent thought-leaders. Through this experience students will be able to network and connect with like-minded individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the world. The new cohorts were created after demand by students to be able to explore the ways in which their studies can create effective change in the world. The two new Social Innovation Cohorts will enable students to enhance their Gabelli experience in allowing them to see exactly how their courses can be applied to real-world issues.

The Social Innovation Cohorts will afford students the chance to explore a new side of business while completing their core requirements. Additionally, studying business and social innovation will give students the tools to become business leaders of the future. Many business leaders today are increasingly interested in individuals with ethical and sustainability focused mindsets. The concepts taught in the Social Innovation Cohorts will equip Gabelli Sophomores in becoming some of the most well-rounded students entering the business world.

Gabelli students interested in social innovation are encouraged to apply by March 23rdAPPLY HERE