2018 AshokaU Innovation Award Winners

Cafe Cocano Fair-Trade Coffee Partnership

St. Thomas University

A mutually beneficial initiative that leverages university research and teaching, in a variety of disciplines, into long-term, Haitian-led, sustainable coffee development in Haiti’s poorest region.

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EdGE (Education through Global Engagement)


Robust and affordable platform for ethical and educational global engagement

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dLab program created and managed by iCubo

Universidad del Desarrollo

An innovative education program that is creating a disruptive model for higher education curriculum centered around interdisciplinary project-based learning.

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The COGS Toolkit (Changemaker Outcomes for Graduate Success)

University of Northampton

A landmark initiative for measuring learning outcomes specifically for changemakers, making it clearer and easier to embed social innovation education across any discipline.

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SPARK Community Based Innovation Challenge

Grinnell College

A leading model for college and university innovation challenges.

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Mission-Driven Admissions

Hampshire College

A groundbreaking university-wide admissions process that prioritizes changemaker traits in the student selection process, which is completely challenging historical precedence for educational priorities and success metrics.

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More about the Innovation Awards

More than seven years ago Ashoka U launched the Innovation Awards, with a goal of sourcing and spreading the highest quality best practices to our global network. Since then, the Innovation Award has grown to be an annual award that recognizes high impact and replicable education innovations, including teaching models, co-curricular programming, community partnerships, and research.

Since 2011, AshokaU has designated 35 award winners.  Check out the profiles of all of our past winners here.